Elite district in 15 minutes from historical center Marbella

1 420 000 EUR
Square house:256, 57 m2
Terras:136,55 m2
Square total:1.127 m2
Views:Views to the Mediterranean sea and park zone which never be built over
Includes:3 bedrooms; gourmet-kitchen; laundry room; covered parking for 2 cars; basement floor 180 m2
Near objects:golf-course; beaches; historical center of Marbella


Stylish modern interior, natural daylight, spacious rooms and large terraces

Who does not dream about private property in Spain on this wonderful Mediterranean seashore? Here is the time to introduce you our extraordinary real estate item, here comes villa «Elviria»

Modern villa in fashion style «Contemporary» either expresses a lot or does not express at all!

This villa immediately attracts attention, real estate item in Spain awakes interest by itself and leaves you excited.

What makes this modern villa project so extraordinary and unique?

One of the main criteria is a location of the villa, which plays important role as the property in Spain is essential as never before. This item will be built on the side-hill, which gives the opportunity to the residents enjoy the views of the Mediterranean sea and park zone, which never be built over. Environment becomes the ideal decoration and nature of Spain influences a lot on the design of this villa.

Style of the design is another one important criteria. Agree that if someone has style this fact becomes obvious immediately for everybody. There is no doubt that architects, designers and future owners of this villa have an amazing style: unique front of the building, openness and pithiness of open layouts of living space, smooth surface of accurate forms, balance of lines, refined palette, which grants to interior the noble simplicity, plenty of glass and high ceilings create the feeling of huge and bright space – elegance in everything even in the smallest but unique details, which strikes everyone who sees it.

Villa Elviria consists of:

  • Big saloon
  • Dining room
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 4 bathrooms
  • gourmet-kitchen

The high level of security, intelligence technologies, the up-to-date equipment of premium class and innovational utility devices makes this house progressive and technologically advanced.

No one tries to save on this wonderful house! «Wow»-factor is the reason. Outside territory is the luxurious place for people who can and like to delight!

Swimming poll- infinity, faces the southern side, panoramic real estate item of lux class will be created with the using of best building and decoration materials and potential owners now may choose some of the materials according to their taste, and influence, according to their needs, the space allocation of the basement floor, on which there may be screening room, wine-vault, bar, gym or the 4th bedroom.



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