Why Costa del Sol?

The seashore of Costa del Sol is translated as “Coast of the Sun” may be named as the heart and soul of Spain. Passionate flamenco dancers, picturesque beaches, small villages and wonderful local cuisine will present you memorable minutes. Magnificent architectural masterpieces, works of art, reservations with wonderful and rare inhabitants and the atmosphere of mindlessness and easiness will entrance even the most demanding tourist.

The rest in the elite part of Spain – Costa del Sol is the choice of a real devotee of comfortable and luxurious resting among all tourists. Living conditions and climate are so good that many Hollywood stars, who resting here would like to buy property at Costa del Sol. Among famous people, who already bought a house in this picturesque place are Madonna, Sean Connery and many other actors, artists. This resort is especially popular among such Russian celebrities as Iosif Kobzon, Elene Baturina etc.

The high price policy for real estate property in this region is so called “pass” to luxurious and rich life, if you have enough money not only to buy a villa at Costa del Sol but also to stay there. Exactly because of this, governmental authorities have decided to rebuild all infrastructure from general tourism into service for rich clients with individual approach to each and every one. As a result, only rich people and worldwide known celebrities rest here. It ensures that you will find a lot of elite real estate property, as in most cases these items aimed not only for short term vacation but for permanent residence. At the present moment buying house at Costa del Sol means shows your deep pocket.

The whole Costa del Sol is like been created for resting, you may just look at amazing beautiful nature, sunny weather will bring you joy thee hundred days a year. The seashore with magnificent views and soft sand, moderate temperature of the water always offer you to take a swim.
But for those who have less money there are resorts with little bit lower prices. It will help you to buy real estate property pretty profitable. For example you may buy an apartment at Costa del Sol..

Such location is suitable, because you may get there almost from any part of the world. Local airport has a very high flight capacity in different directions. Also those tourists who want to stay here may find other means of transport. For example, there are high-speed trains or private drivers. High-speed train may bring you from Madrid to Costa del Sol only in two hours and a half.

The fans of sky will like wonderful resort Sierra Nevada. It is situated in 110 km from the seashore, and high-speed train will get you there pretty fast.


We propose you to consider the following variants of places at Costa del Sol seashore:


ЭEstepona is one of the flourish upscale resorts. This variant is the best for family resting. The rest is calm and steadily here even at nighttime. You may enjoy not only the best and the cleanest beaches of the whole Costa del Sol, but also excellent nature, orange gardens and wonderful architecture.


Considered as one of the most luxurious and sophisticated resort of Spain. Best beaches, high quality individual service and high prices make it almost the most desirable place among tourists.

Puerto Banús

Puerto Banus is the suburb of Marbella. People named it as a “town of millionaires”. The most sophisticated celebrities come up to this place on their yachts from all around the world. Glamour life, expensive boutiques, elite restaurants will satisfy the needs of rich tourists.

San Pedro de Alcantara

It is calm and moderate resort, famous for its berth for yacht owners and well respected places for resting.

Cabo Pino.

The main benefit of this resort is the calmness. You will not see many people, berth for yachts and sizeable nudist beach here. It suits people who like calm and steady resting far from crowded places.


The things that bring tourists to this place are beach, which spreads out on many kilometers, high hotels and beautiful nature. The town is a hive of activity. It is one of the less expensive and open resort.


As usual it is package tour. This place is attractive for resting, shopping, calm walking on the longest promenade and going into different kind of water sports.


This is a port for sport and pleasure yachts. Diversity of interesting places, active life and excellent beach provide to this resort continuous influx of visitors almost all the year.