According to the data of consulting CBRE, Spain has got the fourth place in Europe in 2017 on the volume of investments into the real estate property with €13,9 bln. The leader is Great Britain (€60,2 bln), the next is Germany (€52,5 bln) and France (€25,7 bln).

The summarized volume of investments around the Europe is €251,1 bln., fourth quarter of last year hit the new record - €86,7 bln. This is 4% more than last year. Germany brought the significant contribution into reaching such a high index - €19,8 bln. The highest demand was for office premises, premises for retail sales, residential and industrial property, and hotels.

As this company said, because of the lack of high quality “product” on the real estate market the new era has been started. The significant features of this era are balance, innovations and using of digital technologies.

According to the estimates of another consulting company Cushman & Wakefield, in 2017 there were the growth of commercial property sector as the investors want to make reliable input but with the potential for the future growth. The general amount of investments in Europe will increase on 6%, and rental costs increase on 2-3 %.